Based in Wagga Wagga, southern NSW, Terrabyte Services was established in October 2000 to support the growing demand for precision agriculture services and activities across a range of agricultural industries. Building on 8 years experience together at Charles Sturt University researching, developing and providing a range of precision agriculture consultancy services, in addition to many years on-farm experience, Director Jon Medway, and the Terrabyte Team provide a unique range of theoretical, technical and practical capabilities.

Since incorporation, Terrabyte has worked throughout NSW and in Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia, providing a range of services to over 1000 clients representing private and corporate growers, retail agronomists and advisers, government agencies, research institutions and corporate organisations. These services have involved the collection, analysis and supply of spatial data for local interpretation, the provision of technical support and training, and assistance with business development through the evaluation of precision agriculture technologies and information.

Having already established an extensive client base, Terrabyte is utilising the latest precision agriculture and related information technologies to provide innovative, practical and economical solutions capable of:

  • Improving on-farm crop and resource management
  • Adding value and efficiencies to client service provider activities

Recognising that local expertise is necessary for providing an efficient distribution and support network, and that much of the technology involved has high capital investment and user training and time commitment requirements, Terrabyte Services is fostering the development of an extensive network of commercial agronomic service providers. These relationships are enabling:

  • Applications to be developed and refined using local knowledge gained
    through existing client/agent relationships with farmers;
  • Commercial agronomists and consultants to access technology and experienced support without high capital investment or excessive time commitment
  • Farmers to cost effectively investigate the application of the technologies through associations with a larger network of clients

Terrabyte Services recognises that agriculture is a complex and constantly evolving environment. We are constantly undertaking applied R&D to improve the quality of our services, and are committed to working in partnership with farmers, consultants and other service providers improve the economic and environmental outcomes of the agricultural and related sectors.